ASANO As a manufacturer of thermoforming machine (pressure air / vacuum forming), Asano Laboratories Co. Ltd., offers a wide variety of equipment: Vacuum forming machines, pressure and vacuum forming machines, contact heat forming machines, thermoforming machines synchronized with in-line extrusion, forming machine for small lot production and R & D, trimming machines (punch & die or steel rule die), various type of post-treatment equipment, heating ovens using in-house developed Quick Response Heater System. Our equipments are rated very high by overseas and domestic customers in the filed of food (food packaging), automotive (interior & exterior), home appliances (refrigerator, exterior packaging), housing (bathtub, sanitary) and chemical industries. With permanently installed forming machine for cut sheet and for roll-fed sheet respectively in our facility to be exclusively used for R& D purpose, the customers are available with these machine to solve certain task, improve quality and productivity, develop new parts, set up forming conditions and study for the installation of new production machinery. ASANO blend - Generating new excitement Blend integrating several wonderful features and creating new value. Continuous technology development and commitment for progressive blend in corporate activities are indispensable conditions. We have played the role of pioneer of thermoforming machines and enjoy numerous elements for implementing blends full of possibilities in the renovation of the coming history. Blend with excellent machine and system, blend with the cutting edge technology and expanding market, and blend with know-how accumulated by customers needs and creative custom machine, ASANO, meeting expectation and full of finest blend generating new excitement.